Family Violence Reforms

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Commitment to build an integrated family violence system

The Women’s Safety Strategy 2002-2007 initiated the whole of government commitment to develop the first integrated and consistent system for addressing family violence in Victoria. $35.1 million was allocated in 2005 to implement reform of the family violence service system. The reform process was then informed by the DHS document Guiding Integrated Family Violence Service Reform 2006-2009.

Since 2005, the Victorian Government has invested over $100 million to build an integrated family violence service system and has now committed to a 10 year plan, A Right to Safety and Justice: Strategic Framework to Guide Continuing Family Violence Reform in Victoria 2010-2020. This policy pursues system reform that will respond effectively to victims of family violence, reinforce the accountability of perpetrators and create change in Victorian communities to not tolerate family violence and abuse.

Some of the family violence reform initiatives that have taken place in Victoria include:

  • The development of the Victoria Police Code of Practice for the Investigation of Family Violence implementation of specialist family violence courts
  • Law reform and the introduction of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008
  • The Indigenous Family Violence Strategy
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework 
  • A number of programs aimed at integrated family violence service delivery
  • The establishing of a Royal Commission into Family Violence in 2015 (due to report its recommendations to the government by February 2016)

For more information on family violence reforms in Victoria, click here to download Everyone has a Responsibility to Act: Victoria's Action Plan to Address Violence against Women and Children 2012-2015or visit the website for the Office of Women's Affairs.

The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children

In 2011, Commonwealth, state and territory governments released the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 (the National Plan). Over 12 years, the National Plan aims to achieve a significant and sustained reduction in violence against women and their children. 

Click here to download the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

The Second Action Plan: Moving Ahead 2013-2016 of the National Plan was launched on 27 June 2014 by the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Click here to download the Second Action Plan: Moving Ahead 2013-2016.

Strengthening our regional response

Another part of the reform process was to implement regional and sub-regional family violence committees to drive an integrated partnership approach in responding more effectively to family violence. This also included the establishment of Regional Integration Coordinators and a committee Chair in all regions and sub-regions.

The Regional Family Violence Partnership (RFVP) is the approach in the Eastern Metropolitan Region to family violence service integration and reform. The RFVP was established in November 2007 based on the previous state family violence reform policy Guiding Integrated Family Violence Service Reform 2006-2009 and now continues to grow and plan partnership initiatives in our region based on the Right to Safety and Justice priority action areas.

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