Professional Development in the EMR

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We are currently in the process of creating a new RFVP website, due for completion in mid-2018. 

Training in the Eastern Metropolitan Region

The eastern metropolitan region is very active with regular training opportunities offered from different service providers and organisations. The RFVP also runs a number of forums for practitioners throughout the year on wide-ranging topics related to family violence.

For more information on training opportunities available in the region, please visit our Calendar of Events.

Responding to Family Violence: Training Needs Survey 2017

In 2017 the RFVP Workforce Development Working Group and the Outer East & Inner East Primary Care Partnerships released a survey to determine training needs in the region. 240 individuals responded, across a range of service types. 

To download an infographic of the survey results, please click here.

CRAF Training

Training in the preliminary and comprehensive components of the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) is offered at different intervals throughout the year, sometimes locally in the EMR and sometimes at a central venue in the CBD. Please visit The Lookout for more information on CRAF training.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria has a variety of comprehensive training courses available for professionals and organisations. The courses aim to increase your understanding of family violence and to improve your skills in supporting people affected by family violence. Please visit the DVRCV website to view their current training calendar.

Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault

All Centres against Sexual Assault, including the Eastern Centre against Sexual Assault (ECASA) provide community education and training. Please visit the CASA website for more information on training opportunities.

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