Health Services


Women's Health East

Women's Health East (WHE) is a regional women's health promotion agency working across the eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne. WHE works to improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls through policy reform. Please note that WHE are not a direct service provider to clients.

Yarra Valley Community Health Service

Yarra Valley Community Health is a part of EasternHealth and provides quality health care services to the Yarra Valley community, including individual appointments, group programs, health promotion and education programs.

Carrington Health

Carrington Health provides a broad and integrated range of services for the Whitehorse community, including allied health services, children's & family health services, dentistry services, chronic disease management, diabetes services, counselling, social support and prevention programs.

Inspiro Community Health Service

Inspiro is a local, non-profit community health service that provides dental and allied health services for the Yarra Ranges community. Services include counselling and health services for children and older people.


Link Health and Community

Link Health and Community (Formerly MonashLink Community Health Service) is a community based service provider for the City of Monash and surrounding areas. Link provides an extensive range of primary care, oral health and counselling services, as well as health promotion and service coordination.


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